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Limoges Meet Kosplay

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Limited edition toy fetishists with a love of French ceramics, tomorrow is your lucky day. Wednesday, K.Olin tribu (tribe) in collaboration with Ajee (FR) presents its latest project, Kosplay Porcelain—in which the "Kosplay" evidently means a two-part set consisting of a bear and a female character. The collab toy, er, sculpture, drops tomorrow. The manufacturers say "We are entering a work of craftsmanship to create the daughter of kosplay," which makes me wonder what "the daughter of kosplay" means. Limited? There are only 12 sets available. Details? Each Kosplay set comes in two wooden boxes and each piece is numbered. All are handmade from Limoges Porcelain, not enameled. No machine save a baking oven is used in production. They go on sale for 500 Euros at 8pm French time, so set your alarm and get to your mouse. Not so quick? There's a limited vinyl edition, too.


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