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Linus and the Feel Good Factory

Monday, January 7th, 2013

By Justin Ray

Linus Hui has been making playful props and costumes since 2009. His installations explore the limits of anthropomorphism, giving construction paper life and animation. His projects range from animals and fanciful characters, to objects and even body parts. Hui, who studied product design at Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, shared his creations on the photo sharing site Flickr. The originality and pure fun of his aesthetic made his site popular, inciting him to create more. 

He began testing the limits of his creativity after discovering the versatility of paper, setting the goal of making a new creation every day for a year. He started the “Feel Good Factory” to show off his installments, most of which he models himself. Fortunately for Hui, his work has been noticed by high profile clients. He has also created some paper sculptures for Lane Crawford, a leading luxury retailing company in Hong Kong and China.  

“I make stuff out of paper and take funny photos," says Hui. "If I don’t take funny photos, I take broody photos. I don’t like my paper cut-out objects being called origami. They are not. Instead of taking pictures in the real world, I like to bring my real world into the real world with verses and costumes." 

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