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Lock Table

Monday, October 29th, 2012

By Justin Ray

Some materials are just screaming for creative, innovative applications. Bamboo, for instance, a renewable material, pops up in more and more designs these days, such as the new "Lock" dinner table. From designer J. P. Meulendijks of the new design label Plankton, this bamboo dinner table should have high end furniture lovers buzzing. 

Bamboo is strong yet flexible and it grows to maturity in three years at which point it can be cut. Naturally, it makes a great material to create sustainable structures. 

Lock's minimal design takes advantage of the flexibility of bamboo. The frame is composed of three sections of bamboo. Each is comprised of layers of wood pressed together but only secured at the ends. The curved shape occurs naturally and allows the pieces to intertwine. The layers interlock, creating support strong enough to anchor the table. The result shows how organically occurring geometries can be used to create forward thinking design. Meulendijks says, his work is “fresh, soulful, minimal, with a slice of humor.” We're not quite sure where the laughs come in, but from what we've seen the Lock certainly has some soul.

Lock measures 1400 mm (4.59 ft) in diameter and 742 mm (29 inches) in height. The table comes in two versions: a thick bamboo top cut to form a layer pattern and a tempered glass top to make the interesting base construction visible. Both are made to seat 5-6 people. The Lock is $2,500 for the glass top, or $2,700 for the bamboo finish through Plankton.nl


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