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London Olympics Design Megamix

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics, like any modern Olympics, are in certain respects a massive design undertaking. Over the past few months critics have taken often cheap and nasty shots at everything the London2012 logo to the look and functionality of the newly built athletic facilities. The brand identity has grown on some, not others. Today, we're interested in taking a snapshot of the Olympics design and reaction to the design as a whole. Seen together, the dynamic and colorful logos and facilities have an unabashed modern optimism with a heavy dose of British quirkiness. The London2012 look may not be a slam dunk, but is it as bad all around as it has been made out? Take a break from watching badminton highlights to click through our mix of logos and architecture and tell us what feeling you get from London. 

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