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Løv by Vanessa Bruno

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Videos for new fashion lines are usually sumptuous yet predictable affairs. The music, the styling, the lighting, the editing — it's all a bit too calculated, obviously geared towards evoking a clichéd sense of sex and intrigue. For her new fall/winter 2011 collection, Parisian designer Vanessa Bruno ditched the script and cast Kate "Blue Crush" Bosworth in a bizarre, compelling short film. 

The video, entitled Løv, follows a handful of other films directed by Stephanie Di Giusto and starring model Lou Doillon. Di Giusto's visual style is more akin to music videos than fashion shorts. Speaking of music, it's pitch-perfect in Løv: Edvard Grieg's iconic "In The Hall of The Mountain King" segues into Owen Pallett’s “Keep The Dog Quiet,” keeping things tense and creepy throughout. 

Oh, yeah, and there's some nice clothing in there too. Bruno's all about layers, mixing flowing bohemian elements with Nordic-inspired heft — wool coats, sweaters, knee-high boots.

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