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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

by Lauren Del Campo 
photos by Matthew Williams

As the president and founder of New York-based real estate development firm Blesso Properties, knew he needed a place to go to escape the wilds of the concrete jungle. “I have a very hectic life and a high-stress career, so I wanted a place that was a sanctuary, [but still] right in the heart of the city,” Blesso says. “The city is a harsh place to live, and I love all the excitement it offers, but it’s very hard to find any connection to nature, which is something I crave.”   

Leaving only the refrigerator, radiators, and windows alone, Blesso gutted his 3,100-square-foot penthouse in New York’s NoHo neighborhood and filled it with natural light and materials. He even brought the outdoors in by using a simple irrigation system and low-maintenance plants in an indoor garden around the central staircase. To top off his pad, Blesso designed a 2,200-square-foot roof deck. “I designed this for myself completely,” he says. “I went with my gut instinct and with what I felt was beautiful.” 

Blesso added a few special touches to his home that make the space even more individualized, including a Priva-Lite wall between the shower and the staircase that becomes opaque at the flip of a switch. “It was meant to be a little sexy,” he admits. 

The interest generated from his uniquely designed space has been an added bonus, Blesso says. He has even received offers from people to buy it, despite it not being for sale. The positive response has encouraged him to keep making risky design decisions. “We are always trying to execute unique designs for our projects. We don’t want anything cookie-cutter.”

About the Graffiti Artist: Doze Green

Amidst the calming and natural elements in Matthew Blesso’s penthouse, a bold, blue graffiti design dances along the wall. “I’ve always loved graffiti art,” Blesso says. He commissioned graffiti artist Doze Green to add a mural to his new home. Blesso asked Green to consider the relaxing qualities of his home for his design, which inspired Green’s monochromatic color scheme. “I wanted it to have a little bit of rawness to it, but also wanted it to be tranquil and refined,” says Blesso. “It’s pure stream-of-consciousness painting.”

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