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The Luxe Life

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Photos courtesy of Avo Construction

Robin Leech has nothing on Rocco Basile. The principal of Avo Construction has not only seen more swanky pads than the former TV host in his 17 years in the business—he’s built them himself. Here, the leader of one of New York City’s choicest general contracting and management firms offers a behind the scenes look at how to build a luxury home ... and a lifestyle to match.

DB: What does luxury mean to you?
RB: The term ‘luxury’ in today’s market signifies thoughtful, design-driven projects or spaces, quality finishes and workmanship and extensive attention to detail. These project attributes ensure a superior and “luxurious” product.

DB: What design elements contribute to a high-end look?
RB: Finishes are the defining factors of a space as they contribute to the overall design concept and character. Our team meticulously selects high-quality finishes, often incorporating natural materials. That said, the trades we select are highly skilled in their field and consistently demonstrate thoughtful, quality workmanship, which is evident in our final products.

DB: How can designers ensure a quality result?
RB: Careful attention to detail during the pre-construction phase is essential to ensure the successful completion of a project. If drawings are not fully coordinated according to architect, engineer and designer’s specs, the general contracting team will inevitably encounter conflicts or issues during the construction phase.

DB: You live and work in NYC, a city synonymous with luxury. How does it influence your work?
RB: I prefer building and living in the city, as I was raised here; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Overall, I enjoy the diversity of NYC neighborhoods and their varying character and architecture. It’s especially interesting, as a builder, to shape the landscape through architecture and construction.

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