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Mad for Mod

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Images courtesy of Jason Schmidt

Trendy TV dramas and fashion runways have fueled a 1960s renaissance in popular culture, but nostalgic recreations can’t compete with original style. That’s what architect Deborah Berke had to work with when she reinvigorated a mod 1960s masterpiece in Westchester County, New York.

The existing 6,500-square-foot stucco and concrete structure got a major update without compromising its inherent exterior character when Berke and her team added a complementary two-story addition on the east side. That feature allowed for an eat-in kitchen that connects not only to the adjacent office and living space but also the scenic grounds through wall-spanning windows.

“We were inspired by the lush site that surrounds the house and reimagined the 1960s plan so that the landscape plays an active role in the living experience,” Berke says. “The addition, for example, created new opportunities to connect light and views to our sequence of flowing spaces.”

To embrace the open, loft-like feel the homeowner sought, Berke added details such as a frameless, acid-etched glass panel between the kitchen and the entryway, and a free-standing, rosewood entry closet, that divided spaces without confining them.

“This project is all about modern, serene living,” Berke says.