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Presidential Blocks by Uncle Goose

Soren chair by Room & Board

Thank You For Shopping With Us tote by Carrie Hamilton

Made in America

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Blockheads of State $98

This set of Presidential Blocks from Uncle Goose features facts on the US' 44 leaders. Together, the basswood blocks form an American flag. 

Sit and Spindle $399-449

Made by hand from steam-bent wood in Vermont, Room & Board’s Soren Chair is inspired by Helge Sibast’s 1953 spindle-back Model No. 8.

Tote-ally Sustainable $20

Graphic designer Carrie Hamilton's tote is a nod to the classic plastic-bag phrase and design. (Note the upside-down "s" at the end.) “By desecrating it in this way, they [the oafish tinkerers] have inadvertently blessed it with a true urban spirit,” Hamilton says. “It’s damaged, but it’s still here, damn it!"


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