Alain Gilles Area Bed for Magnitude

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Magnitude Area Bed

Monday, January 14th, 2013

By Justin Ray

People use their beds for many activities besides sleep. A bed can double as a sofa, a desk or even as a kitchen table. Designer Alain Gilles recognized the versatility of beds and created one that is essentially a room within itself, accommodating your every need.

Area Bed, created by Gilles for design brand Magnitude is the Swiss Army knife of beds. It includes an expandable headboard, two bedside tables, a lamp, and even a bench. The bed itself can act as a room divider, giving a sense of privacy. It achieves all of this capability using a clever asymmetrical construction. The design is a refreshing take on bedrooms, an area that oddly enough doesn't get enough design attention.

Gilles' work has not gone unnoticed. The designer was named Designer of the Year 2012 by the Interieur Foundation. He also presented Area Bed and other works at the Interieur 2012 design exhibition in Belgium.

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