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Marcio Decker at Spectrum Miami

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Although plenty of interior designers hang artwork, not all of them make it themselves. Marcio Decker has built a successful career as an interior designer in Lake Tahoe, CA, and recently, he's taken his 14-year acrylic-on-canvas painting hobby and gone professional. In March, he showed his acrylic paint, canvas, and glass mixed media pieces for the first time at an event at New York City's Pier 92 (which, "had people scratching their heads," he says), and since then, he's also displayed his paintings in Miami, San Diego, and Reno. 

This week, Decker will showcase his talents at Spectrum Miami, a satellite fair to the city's week-long Art Basel, that gathers a plethora of artists where "contemporary meets extraordinary" in the Wynwood Art District.  

"The latest collection of paintings are a kinetic experiment the involves light and movement to read these two dimensional gone 3D pieces," says Decker, who studied painting and design in the late '90s and received a BFA in his native Brazil at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. 

Decker will occupy booth number 702 at Spectrum Miami, which runs December 4–8. 


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