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Marseilles Decadence

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

By John Dugan

Art, decadence, romance, old stuff—that's why many of us are drawn to France. Au Vieux Panier (, in the historic center of Marseilles, rolls all of those elements into laid-back, boutique hotel with designer appeal. Formerly a Corsican grocery store, the building dates from the 17th Century. Now, it has been reincarnated as a relaxed guest house (a small casual hotel), and each of its five rooms has been designed by a provocative artist, including Toulouse graffiti guy Tilt and Parisian designers Mass Confusion. The cool couple that runs the house can steer you in the direction of the good stuff nearby, and there's a rooftop deck for chilling out and catching some South of France rays. We like the combination of the laid-back atmosphere and audacious visuals—and we’re putting it on the itinerary for our next European road trip.

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