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McDonalds Reusable Coffee Cup

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

By Gem Barton
Photographs by Studio Norguet 

While I can’t forgive McDonalds, as official sponsors of the Olympics, for banning any other retailer from selling French fries during the lengths of the Games, I must commend the burger giant for the roll-out of a ‘good-looking’ designer promotional McCafé coffee cup—one that's meant to be kept and used again.

French designer Patrick Norguet (also tapped to design forward-looking interiors of McDonalds restaurants in Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland) created the Tasse, a colourful, free, 15 cl cup with a silicone wrap to protect hands from scalding coffee. 

Norquet's website says his brief was to "draw a common object for many. McDonald's asked me to think and design an object to all its customers. The idea is simple, use a code in the world of McDonald's as an inspiration. The problem of large numbers, produced five million copies, this project is to question the need for ownership and embodiment of a brand through a permanent object." 

It is by no means a ‘new’ design but Norguet has gone some distance in relieving us from the disposable cup for a minute.

We're told it was available at McDonald's restaurants (pink, orange, blue, green, gray and yellow) and McCafés (brown) from May to late June of this year with a coffee purchase—but, alas, only in France. Here's hoping the buzz about the Tasse will mean a release in Europe, even the States. Then we can finally say we've got some Norquet in our collection.

Photographs by Studio Norguet

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