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Florida’s sunshine may be great for beachgoers, but it can be costly for homeowners. “Glare and UV radiation can wreak havoc on a home’s air conditioning system and can damage fabrics and art,” says Jesse Stolow, COO of Total Window. To preserve the breathtaking views and protect the newly renovated interior of this Brickell Harbor Club vacation condo, Total Window used its expertise and innovative technology, providing the perfect solution with Solarweave roller shades.




Mellow in Miami

Friday, July 5th, 2013

By Maggie Lange
Photos by Hans Boiten

Yin balanced yang in the redesign of this two-bedroom, two-bath residential condo in Miami. Local design firm Building Center No. 3 restructured the vacation home to create an open flow and added neutral furnishings and decor that act as a calming counterpoint to the busy lives of the active family that owns it.

Principal architect Jason Tapia and his team—designer Claudia Aravena and interior designer Jahmairi Sainz—switched the bathroom and kitchen, detangling the apartment to give the home an open feeling. “Visual connection is a very important part of communication. We [wanted] anyone sitting in the living room to be actively engaged with guests sitting at the bar snacking, the family sitting in the nook playing cards, or the mother working the kitchen like an ‘Iron Chef,’” Tapia says. “This layout creates three communal spaces that are each linked visually, spatially, and even acoustically.”

The interior design also plays to the client’s desire for a social apartment, but balances the bustling energy of the space with natural materials that keep things relaxed. “We set out to create something serene and mellow, but I think we evolved with the client to produce brightly lit, engaging and active spaces that had an undercurrent of contemporary Asian influences,” Tapia says. Natural bamboo flooring emphasizes the flow of the open-concept areas, while pebble flooring brings a spa-like serenity to the bathroom. Neutral fabrics and finishes are complemented by decorative accents in pops of oceanic blues and purples.

It’s just the right balance to help this buzzing family achieve vacation bliss.

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