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Merci | Store Front

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

By Sarah Cason

If Anthropologie and super chic French shop Colette had a baby, Merci would be it. Bobos (that’s Parisian for “hipster”) come to Merci, which occupies three levels of a former factory, to shop for clothing, accessories, home decorations, and heaps of craft supplies. Check out the store’s perfume station, where you can mix your own signature scent, or visit the haberdashery, where you can pick and choose fabrics and sewing supplies. A flower shop is also housed along the back of the store, offering a wide variety of blooms and greenery that will spruce up your living spaces. Merci We agree, it all sounds exhausting. So take respite in the shop’s café, where the book-lined walls beckon visitors to take a load off and catch up on a classic. In the mood for food? Just next door is Merci’s restaurant, Canteen, which offers hungry shoppers the chance to refuel for more shopping adventures. What’s most special about Merci is that it’s a nonprofit operation, with 100 percent of profits benefitting children’s charities in Madagascar and India. A store selling goods to help the underprivileged? Merci, Merci! 

Merci at a Glance
Location: Paris, France
Year Founded: 2009
Sells: Designer hand-me-downs, perfume, cosmetics, furniture, home goods, craft supplies

111, boulevard Beaumarchais
75011 Paris
T. : + 


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