Milan Preview | Johan Lindstén - Design Bureau

Johan Lindsten_photo courtesy of Lindsten Form Studio

Johan Lindstén

USE THIS LINE_melt_down_1

Meltdown lamp for Cappellini

USE THIS LINE_melt_down_3 level_togeher

Combinations of Lindstén’s Level table

level_pink_4 moon 1

Moon series sound absorbents for Johanson Design

Speed and speed EC 2

Speed collection chairs for for Johanson Design


Stealth chair for for Johanson Design

USE milan-2011 Wood Collection-1

Products from the Wood concept collection, winner of a SaloneSatellite Award in 2011

USE milan-2011 Wood Collection-10 USE THIS LINE_GRAVITY_Johan Lindsten_2012

Gravity Lamp for FontanaArte, presented in Milan last year

Milan Preview | Johan Lindstén

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Portrait and product photos courtesy of Lindstén Form Studio

Johan Lindstén
Designer, Lindstén Form Studio

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Brands: CappelliniFontanaArte, Johanson DesignGärsnäs, Gallery Pascale, etc.
Products: Furniture, lighting, sound absorbents, products

Johan Lindstén is a relative newcomer on the Salone scene, but after just two fairs, he’s already become a big draw. He won a SaloneSatellite Award at his first go-round in 2011, but a trip to Milan still gives the young designer butterflies. “There is always a sense which is hard to pin down… a little nervous but still magnificent feeling,” says Lindstén. “The products are not just any products, they are your babies you worked on for several months ready to be judged.”

DB: Do you know what work you will be exhibiting at the Salone in 2013?
Johan Lindstén: For Cappellini, a lamp called Meltdown will be presented. This is a glass pendant lamp that was inspired by my trip to Japan just after the tragic nuclear accident in Fukushima. It is an interpretation and attempt to make something beautiful from the disastrous… the bulbs are about to melt through the last defense of the glass.

DB: Meltdown drew buzz at last year’s SaloneSatellite—good to see it get a slot in the big show this year. Anything else?
JL: A floor lamp, which was finalized this year, will also be presented at Salone del Mobile for the first time for FontanaArte. The lamp is called Gravity; it is my interpretation of the relationship between the moon and the Earth, where the moon is the light source that is constantly drawn towards the Earth’s surface but never reaches. I will also present a new, exciting chair for Johanson Design that contradicts the chair’s ordinary and typical proportions.

DB: Is it important to bring your best work to Milan each year?
JL: The competition in Milan between designers is probably the hardest in the world, so of course it is important to bring your best, most exciting work. When you are exhibiting in Milan you invest a lot of time and money in your career, so entering the fair without products and design that you are passionate about would be to waste your time, money… and career.

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