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Miller Hull: Lake Washington Residence

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Nestled in the woods above Lake Washington, near Seattle, is this 4,000-square-foot residence designed by Miller | Hull.

To access the house, visitors must take a bridge, which marries the steep forest with the third-floor covered roof terrace. A central steel and concrete stair descends through the house to the living area on the ground floor which opens to the shore. Two large cantilevering wood framed boxes rest on a continuous concrete wall, and a self-contained guest house is located on the top floor. The "boxes" are clad on all surfaces in clear cedar siding and the edges are trimmed in contrasting metal. The primary materials used on the house are wood framing, exposed concrete, red cedar siding and galvanized and black steel. The window systems are wood exterior clad in mill finish aluminum. Cabinets are bamboo veneers on apple-ply plywood.

The Lake Washington Residence brings the classic shorefront home into the modern age. By retaining distinctive elements, such as wood paneling and white trim, the house is a throwback to the coastal cottages and vacation homes of yore. Meanwhile, its cubist design—with its huge, flat surfaces—demands attention without being garish or excessively obtrusive.

Photos by Benjamin Benschneider

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