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Minjjoo Door

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

German product designers Johannes Müller andJohannes Marmon, the creative partnership behind jjoo design, enjoy imagining alternative possibilities for doors. Exhibiting such possibility is the minjjoo door, functioning as a combined entryway adapted to the body scales of both adults and children.

The duo designed the door after recalling their childhood desire for smaller doorways.  “We remembered ourselves being small humans and how great it would have been to have had our own access to wherever…at least it feels now like it would have been nice  to have had it,” say Müller and Marmon.

A collaboration with door manufacturer Holitsch allowed them to control the entire design and production processes of the minjjoo. Bilateral door hinges enable the doors to swing open separately, and a white chalkboard coating converts the door’s surface into an erasable whiteboard on which children can create their own works of art. The door is available in both standard and custom sizes, and can be hung in an existing or custom-designed doorframe.


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