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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Featured Company: Epic Designs, Inc - Location: Mississauga, Ontario - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: 48 George Henry

Images courtesy of Epic Designs, Inc

By Risa Seidman

Even the most straightforward renovation can present a designer with a slew of challenges. For Marco Vieira of Epic Designs, transforming a 1960s back-split home into an updated, modern residence proved to be the ultimate test, but one that he was ready to take.

“The client wanted the addition to tie in to the existing layout of the home and mesh the modern design to the current,” he says. “The existing dwelling had a low ceiling height with limited sunlight, so the alterations focused on obtaining natural light in the new spaces. This was achieved by varying the ceiling heights of the rooms and placing windows on at least two of the walls in each room.”

To let in even more natural light, Vieira’s team designed a two-story atrium to act as the house’s main hub. The atrium also serves as a point of reference when viewed from the exterior of the house, bisecting the residence’s elevations and giving it its interesting shape.

Modern design does have a stigma of coldness and sterility attached to it—an idea that Vieira hopes to dispel with his design for this residence and with his other projects. “They have modern lines and ideas but feel homey and comfortable,” he says, “a notion not often associated with modern design in the eyes of the general public.” Vieira was able to make the home feel cozy and still maintain the contemporary aesthetic with the addition of plush furnishings, natural wood floors, and warm-colored textiles, not to mention a birch-lined fireplace in the sitting room.

By filling the renovated dwelling with light and warmth, the Epic Designs team has presented a new, more accessible take on modern design that could be the aesthetic’s future.

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