Modern Museum Fusion - Design Bureau

Artist Anne Peabody tornado sculputre installation at 21C, Louisville, KY.


A 30-foot gold David replica by Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Ozkayaliquo sits outside 21c in Louisville.


Interiors at the hotel add artsy style to a Kentucky vacay. 


Modern Museum Fusion

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Hate when you book a sweet hotel room but don't get to spend ant time in it because you're running around town seeing the sights? Save yourself some time and check out 21c Museum Hotels to get it all in one place

Founders and philanthropists Lauren Lee Brown and Steve Wilson create the unique hybrid of boutique hotel and contemporary art museum out of a desire to help revitalize the downtown Louisville, Kentucky, area, and to bring art into the daily lives of the people in their community. The art-collecting couple partnered with architect Deborah Berke to convert several 19-century tobacco and bourbon warehouses into the museum/hotel, infusing it with high-end design and contemporary art. Other locations in Cincinnati and Bentonville, Arkansas, feature their own modern museum/hotel fusion. And their name? A clever abbreviation of 21st century - how modern.