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Robert Cole loves to collaborate with builders, even inviting them to sit in at design sessions. He invites the builder’s perspective and ideas and works with them to find creative solutions to design challenges. “Collaborating with ColePrévost from schematic sketches and throughout the construction process makes our projects unique because they are the product of true collaboration between the architect’s skills and knowledge combined with that of the builder’s,” says Tom Glass, owner of Cole’s collaborator Glass Construction (GCI). “The sensitivity and appreciation of Cole Prévost to the knowledge and skill of GCI allows us both to become better at what we do,” says Glass, “and this collaborative teamwork is evident in the completed product—a true combination of architecture, design, and construction where all shine through.”



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Montana Modern

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Photos courtesy of ColePrévost

This compact 1,200-square-foot home in Alexandria, Virginia proves that size doesn’t have to dictate style. “The homeowner is from Montana and he wanted this space to feel as open as the plains,” says architect Robert Cole of D.C. design firm ColePrévost. Cole and his partner Sophie Prévost helped the owner achieve his vision with a series of phased renovations that included transforming the top floor into an expansive master suite. 

The team reconfigured the floor to open up the space, combining the two existing bedrooms and one bathroom into one large room and exposing the ceiling beams. The bathroom is separated from the sleeping area by a frosted glass wall. “We used a rubber-textured tile in the shower to give it that pounded-earth feeling of the plains,” says Cole. As a finishing touch, the suite was outfitted in the homeowner’s favorite color palette: black and white.

Although the monochromatic scheme dominates the interior, the exterior is all about color. After the design team transformed the garage into a home office, the owner wanted additional amenities to make the backyard a bona fide living space. In addition to a movie projection system, Cole added landscaping, a fire pit, an outdoor shower, and—the pièce de résistance—a glass fence backlit by color-changing LEDs.

It’s a bold gesture, even on a small scale.

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