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A Moveable Office

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Once upon a time, a centrally located water cooler sufficed as the social hub of the office. But that wasn’t going to cut it for Klick Health, a Fortune 500 company that creates digital solutions for the health care industry. Hired to create all of the interactive spaces as Klick expanded its headquarters from two to three floors, Prototype Design Lab saw the perfect opportunity to apply its research into progressive office design. 

“We noticed a trend toward work spaces that incorporate other types of places like homes and playgrounds, which changes the traditional atmosphere of the workplace,” says Antonio Tadrissi, partner-in-charge at PDLab. “We read that companies with such designs—Google, Facebook, Red Bull— have employees with higher levels of productivity, loyalty, and ultimately happiness. They don’t consider ‘work’ to be a repetitive or mundane task because they love to be in the environments in which they work.” 

Adjacent to the jaw-dropping “command center” of the space, a tapering stainless steel reception desk that would make Captain Kirk green with envy, sits a custom-designed Lego wall where workers can doodle in 3-D. A yoga studio, horizontal climbing wall, video arcade, and other creative elements are dispersed throughout. For the employee cafe, PDLab sliced a 40-foot shipping container into pieces and used it to clad the space. The staff are even encouraged to add graffiti, Tadrissi says. 

But the most action-packed spot in the whole office may be the boardroom, which Prototype designed with 160 linear feet of collapsible walls capable of transforming the area into a “town hall” where company-wide meetings with up to 250 people could be held comfortably. “The wall panels are on wheels,” Tadrissi says. “They each pivot and then everything folds up into the sides of the space.” And since the tremendous boardroom table would be out of place when the town hall opens up, PDLab created a base of 24 functional bicycles so it could easily be pushed away. 

“Klick is a creative company that thrives on teamwork and interaction between employees,” says Tadrissi. “We were hoping to use our design of unusual environments to increase the productivity of the company.” 

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