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Music as Muse

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Fresh from Soundscreen Design studio—a Brooklyn-based company known for creating cool music merchandise—comes a new collection of band-related swag created by graphic designers. The musically-inclined creative collective asked five designers to come up with graphics for two bands of their choice. Designers like Rob CarmichaelHisham Bharoocha and Samantha Pleet all produced unique graphics for their choice band, including Animal CollectiveTV on the Radio and HEALTH, among others.

“It’s a complicated gesture to wear a band shirt,” Carmichael says. “I wanted to make it more of a stylistic gesture rather than a bold declaration.” Carmichael cites a creative kinship as the reason why he chose the bands he did. “Both bands play with traditional pop songwriting structures, and, creatively, when people are pushing at the edges, it’s appealing.” Printed on high-quality American Apparel garments, the designs are the fashionable convergence of fandom and aesthetic awareness, allowing the wearer to show support without sacrificing style.

Soundscreen 2010 Collection, $20-40,


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