My Favorite Things | Bradford Shellhammer of

My Favorite Things | founder Bradford Shellhammer

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 founder Bradford Shellhammer comes across a lot of wonderfully designed objects on a day to day basis. In fact, his job pretty much consists of coming across wonderfully designed objects and making sure we know about them. Here, Shellhammer curates a list of a few of his favorite things for Design Bureau.

1. Public Bikes: the perfect city bike,$595-995

2. Baggu Bags: foldable, versatile, essential,, $9

3. Black & Blum BBQ Planter: grill and grow in simple style,$124

4. Native Shoes: lightweight EVA material molds to your feet,, $45

5. Penny Skateboards: bold plastic from Australia,$149-199 complete set

6. Bamboo Original Bottle: ecofriendly with crisp and clean taste,, $20

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