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TMID mag. 2014


A New Palette

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Featured Company: Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design

Location: Southlake, Texas

Project Type: Residence

Project Name: Reynolds Residence

Photos by Pam Zimmerer

By Patrick Sisson

Everything is bigger, the saying goes, in Texas. But for interior designer Tiffany McKinzie, the Reynolds residence in Southlake was literally all-encompassing. Construction, floor plans, materials, furniture, paint colors, swimming-pool design, even the soap in the soap dispensers: everything was McKinzie’s to style, shape, and source. And with the verve that’s made her a D Magazine Best Designer three years running, she went about crafting a layout that blended a classic, traditional style with a slight contemporary nod.

“For such a large home—approximately 10,000 square feet—it was foremost in my mind to bring a sense of comfort and scale to the rooms,” McKinzie says. “The home feels comfortable and relaxing but still elegant. It has a wonderful flow of colors and textures throughout, which create a harmony that resonates emotionally.”

Stepping in during the middle stages of architectural design, McKinzie enlisted specialists to craft one-of-a-kind accents that gave the home its own personality. A painter created a black crocodile finish on the kitchen vent hood, the game-room walls were fitted with handmade padded leather tiles, and the entryway is graced with a Robert Rea painting. A glass rondelle wall sculpture on the living room fireplace wall captured the aesthetic “classic and elegant” with “a slant towards contemporary.” And though the statement is unmistakably McKenzie’s, it’s a reflection of the homeowner.

“I’ve asked her a number of times what her favorite element is,” McKinzie notes, “and she says that it depends on which room she happens to be in at that moment.”

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