Stop the Water While Using Me

Stop The Water While Using Me!

Monday, August 20th, 2012

By Aryn Beitz

Deciphering which shampoo to buy these days is no easy task. Hamburg, Germany-based Stop The Water While Using Me! is trying to alleviate that pain while bringing awareness to water consumption and conservation. The all-natural cosmetics line, created and designed by German design firm KOREFE, is on a mission to get people to save water where it most goes to waste – in the bathroom, at home, in restaurants, and in hotels. “This is a range of care products that should be used in the same way as other similar care products,” a company spokesperson tells us via email. “However, the aim is to make people conscious of just how much water is wasted by simply leaving the tap on when washing ourselves.”

And unlike so many of its competitors, the company’s marketing philosophy is as straightforward as it gets. From its clean, streamlined packaging design to its to-the-point messaging, Stop The Water While Using Me! acts as a gentle, yet daily, reminder to—you guessed it—stop the water. The line, which recently made its debut in the U.S. (It’s currently available at Woodley & Bunny in Brooklyn, NY), is less concerned about maximizing profits as quickly as possible than it is about sustainability. All ingredients are completely natural and biodegradable and come from certified organic sources, while the packaging is recyclable and refillable. And of course, every bottle comes with that friendly little reminder to kill the tap while lathering up. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

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