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The Heavybit logo inspired the design of the fabric light fixture in the first-floor conference room. IwamotoScott used computational physics modeling to get the fabric pieces the exact lengths and then sewed them together.


The hexagonal Heavybit logo inspired this steel light fixture, which is a focal point in the office kitchen. The soft light stands in contrast to the heavy metal design.


 On the second floor, a continuous bench runs along the perimeter windows to create a space for employees to lounge and work in natural light. 



IwamotoScott worked with a metal fabricator and a structural engineer to create the impossibly thin stairs. The back side of the staircase serves as a sculptural object that creates gathering space. It incorporates both heaviness and lightness, dividing the room without using a completely solid design.




Metal and rope partitions define a private room in the middle of the open office space. The structure is suspended from the ceiling beams and anchored in the hardwood floor.

Office Tour | Heavybit Industries

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

By Jill McDonnell
Photos by Bruce Damonte

No longer content to be simply the city where Tony Bennett and 49ers fans left their hearts, San Francisco is quickly eclipsing Silicon Valley as the new hub for technology startups. And with the influx of innovators comes a need to house them in spaces where function meets style. Enter IwamotoScott Architecture, whose recent redesign of the Heavybit Industries offices helped the company to foster the free exchange of ideas. “The goal was to embody the ethos of the company,” principal Lisa Iwamoto says. Heavybit is all about working with early-stage businesses through their growing pains, so Scott maintained the building’s industrial character while focusing on that collaborative spirit.

Each detail of the design encourages togetherness—from the open, hanging metal staircase that allows for visual connection, to the steel light fixture in the kitchen that beckons people to gather beneath its warmth, to the continuous window seat where employees can seek inspiration for their next big idea from the fog rolling in off the bay.


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