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Oh My Gaudí!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Paved with playful tiles and splashed in painterly colors, the streets of Barcelona have inspired creativity for generations, from the surreal curves of Antoni Gaudí’s civic contributions to the imaginative designs of contemporary firms like Fusion Interiors Group. So when the latter took on the design of Citadines hotel group’s Barcelona location, nestled in the heart of the hip Las Ramblas neighborhood, they infused every element with the city’s distinctive flavor. 

“One of the ideas we presented was to take inspiration from the famous hex- agonal tile designed by Gaudí,” Fusion Interiors Group’s Hilary Lancaster says. “Gaudí is normally known for his broken tile mosaics, and people do not realize that the hexagons that pave most of the streets of Barcelona were also designed by him. The hexagon then became a theme of the rooms. It’s used in the flooring in the entrance, kitchen, and bathroom in a mosaic, Barcelona ‘patchwork’ style, as well as on the wallpaper of the studio apartments.” 

Colors and images of the city grace the walls and other surfaces in the form of artwork and details like a bold yellow kitchen backsplash and brightly upholstered chairs and throws. “The aesthetic is clean lines, contemporary, with a color scheme that is soft and suitable for both the business and the leisure guest,” Lancaster says. 

In renovating the hotel’s lobby and each of its 131 apartment units (studios and 1 bedrooms), the Fusion team built off the momentum of previous design work they’d done with Citadines elsewhere, adding a uniquely Spanish twist to suit the site. 

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