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One Office Box, Two Companies

Monday, August 20th, 2012

By John Dugan
Photos by Adría Goula

The challenge for Zest Architecture at 36 Dones in Gracia, Barcelona wasn't just pleasing one client, it was pleasing two. An architecture firm and an e-commerce business share the large open space and have fluctuating personnel depending on the season and project. How to share it and maximize the view and workspace?

The answer: A box. Zest's multi-functional box, made from bamboo panels with noise reduction inside, to be precise. It's functions include meeting room, presentation space, bookshelves, storage. The elevations around the box can be work areas or backdrops for photo shoots, too.

The work tables of natural oiled pine are designed to accommodate more or less people, as needed, so the spectre of empty individual desks is avoided. They're oversized so workers can sit and work on both sides.

Of course, the big question in office design comes down to Would you like to work here? You know you would.


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