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“Glass partitions divide the space acoustically but not visually, affording stunning views and allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the space,” says architect Mary Burnham.


To achieve the high-end workmanship and top-grade finishes for this project, Murphy Burnham & Buttrick selected DiSalvo Contracting, a New York-based company that specializes in luxury renovations and construction.  “We knew this was not an ordinary office project, and we made extraordinary quality our number one priority,” says principal contractor Vincent DiSalvo.



Open Office

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Photos by Frank Oudeman

At Union Square Ventures it’s OK to text, tweet, and Tumblr at work. That’s because the New York City venture capital firm invests in Internet companies like FourSquare, Twitter, Kickstarter, and Etsy. Architect Mary Burnham discusses how Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects designed the firm a collaborative new office space that fosters communication.

DB: How did the nature of Union Square Ventures’ business shape its new space?
Mary Burnham: Their business relies heavily on synergy, communication, spontaneity, flexibility, and networks. This sense of creativity and communication is very conspicuous in the work culture at Union Square Ventures, and we wanted to design a space that reflected this.

DB: How does the design foster communication?
MB: Partner offices and a conference room are faced in clear glass that allows for easy communication and shared views. Ancillary hubs and lounges are positioned to encourage collaboration and the flow of ideas. The large conference space has transformed the way Union Square Ventures interfaces with its startup portfolio companies and the public. Moveable furniture, integrated technology, and a gracious layout adapt easily to accommodate board meetings for 20 and all-day symposia for 70, as well as movies, concerts, and cocktail parties. 

DB: What role did technology play in the design?
MB: The space is very connected technologically and yet mobile, flexible, and as wireless as possible. The seamless integration of technology and variety of Skype-enabled spaces encourages a constant dialogue with innovators downtown, on the West Coast, and throughout the world.

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