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Ottawa Condo

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

You might be shocked to discover that this model condo on the seventeenth floor of a new building in downtown Ottawa, Ontario is just 850 sq. feet. But Kariouk Associates went into the design conscious of the fact that separating service from living areas like suburban homes in urban living spaces often ends up cutting down their livable space and options for arranging furniture. But the group also realized that columns, mechanical features and so forth can make a truly open floorplan kind of a jumble. 

The condo features continuous floor-to-ceiling wall of cabinetry, ellipses enclosures that conceals the central mechanical unit and column and remaining column, and an open shower with a 270-degree view over the city. A study housing a work station, shelving, and the keyboard of an electric piano fitted to a drawer are folded into the depth of the storage wall. And the bidet? That's for the dog to drink from. Small, urban can be cool, just like we thought.

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