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Packaging | Beer Me, Beautiful

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

By Sarah Murray

These six custom-designed beer bottle labels make it worth falling off the wagon.

Design: Distil Studio, U.K.
Creative Director: Neil Hedger

Short for “Best of British,” BoB’s seasonal-inspired labels are designed to promote the simplicity and honesty of the product from this tiny private brewery in St. Albans. The BoB logotype is strong yet playful—especially when combined with the quirky British phrases from which the brews take their names in big block letters.

R&B Brewing Co.
Design: Saint Bernadine Mission Communications
Creative Directors: Andrew Samuel, David Walker

Fittingly, every element of the packaging for R&B Brewing Co.’s handcrafted product is rendered by hand, right down to the freaking bar code. The bold silhouette illustrations take their cues from the beers’ quirky names. Key facts about the brew in expressive type create cool infographics on the cases. 


Design: Hornall Anderson
Art Director: Jay Hilburn

Omission is the first craft beer brand in the United States that exclusively brews gluten-free beer while still using traditional ingredients like malted barley. Global design and branding firm Hornall Anderson seized on this practice, creating a design that whimsically portrays a UFO, bird, helicopter, hot air balloon, magnet, and magic wand taking the gluten out of the beer. 


Hitachino Nest
Design: Shunji Sakai

We love the super recognizable and totally adorable owl logo on this spicy craft beer from Japan’s Kiuchi Brewery. It plays up the trippy, almost retro feel. The creative typography on the White Ale, Non Ale, and Red Rice in particular add to the ’60s vibe created by the textured background patterns.


Schooner Exact
Design: Taphandles
Creative Director: Oceania Eagan

Seattle’s Schooner Exact Brewing Company turned to beer-centric design agency Taphandles for a logo reboot. The Seattle firm started out making, yep, custom beer tap handles but now designs everything from products to websites for beers worldwide. Schooner’s new branding has its roots in the nautical heritage of Seattle but spices it up with punchy typography and colors. 


Sanda IPA
Design: Matt Burns

Glasgow-based designer Matt Burns plays up the American-ness of this IPA from Scottish brand Fyne Ales. Bold type and colors get right in your face while the detail on the label references the brand’s origins in Loch Fyne with illustrations of the iconic Highland cow, tree farms, salmon, rain, and stags.

Beck’s Sapphire
A special shout-out goes to best-selling German brand Beck’s for the sleek all-black bottle it spent two years designing and developing for its distinctive new Beck’s Sapphire brew. Just be wary of losing it in the dark nightclub where you’re drinking it.