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Monday, June 30th, 2014

Intro by Kayla Unnerstall
Images courtesy of JANUS et Cie

With summer in full force, your home’s stunning spaces shouldn’t be limited to its interiors. Stylish designs for pool and patio can make entertaining outdoors feel just as luxurious and comfortable as in your living room. Design Bureau asked Janice Feldman, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based furniture company JANUS et Cie, what the five essential elements are to consider when designing furniture for the outdoors.

1. Design Integrity

With the breadth and depth of our collections, our products span from classic to contemporary/modern with many elements from dining, seating, lounge, pool, and accessory-style applications. JANUS et Cie collections are as distinctive in design as they are inviting, intermingling as graceful complements and suitable within an eclectic ensemble or as stand-alone pieces.

2. Removing the Boundaries Between Indoors and Out

We are seeing design becoming more fluid between spaces, with the interiors seamlessly transitioning to the exteriors in very thoughtful ways. Outdoor spaces are becoming intimate living rooms with cozy, comfortable furniture, amazingly designed private areas, and thoughtful touches that feel like home with no walls and an open ceiling.

3. Quality Designed to Last a Lifetime

Constructed with durability for the outdoors, our products perform beautifully in all exterior environments year after year. Our goal is to find the harmonious balance of beauty, performance, responsibility, and a lifetime of comfort.

4. Innovative Materials

Sophisticated finishes such as weathered teaks, synthetic woods like JANUSwood, and fibers such as JANUSfiber that look natural but require little to no maintenance have always been popular and continue to hold strong. Designers often accent these pieces as they would interior furnishings with pops of color and texture using cushions, toss pillows, and accessories.

5. Uncompromised Luxury

Our vast array of furnishings, textiles, and accessories offers a chic and personal expression of style. JANUS et Cie creates plush cushions featuring exceptional comfort that are designed for outdoor use season after season. Our collection of more than 250 textiles offers fabrics of rich options such as chenille and velvets suitable for outdoors. We continue to see clients with extremely sophisticated taste and a trend for luxury outdoors.


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