Peep Show: Alex Fuller - Design Bureau

Alex Fuller of The Post Family

Alex’s Items: (clockwise)

1. iPad with Square so that I can sell my books ( ; 2. Coloraid paper. A love/hate relationship that I have been nurturing since art school; 3. My preferred communication tool; 4. A fancy pen; 5. Chalk; 6. Chalk board promoting my publishing company, 5×7; 7. If I could eat wood type, I would; 8.Happy Black Friday card. For that special shopper in your family; 9. A Rhodia pad containing a top-secret Post Family project in the works; 10. A blind embossed square filled with lead; 11. Party mask; 12. A ceramic clog filled with a small plant. This is the only plant that I have not killed within three months of owning; 13.This is a piece of furniture that I recently designed, the One Two Three Bench (

Alex Fuller of The Post Family

Alex Fuller of The Post Family

Thymn Chase says:

Dishboy Duncan 4 Life – I Remember that bakery and…. Jud was it? Ha! Rock on Brother and me the fonts be with you!

Peep Show: Alex Fuller

Monday, May 30th, 2011

by Elizabeth Gilmore

Today we hang out with designer Alex Fuller! So put your Wacom pens down and take a break from your black coffee to get to know a little more about Alex and what he’s up to. Whether he’s hanging up his own work at Art Chicago or printing posters with his brothers at The Post Family, this guy is designing (and joking around) nonstop.

The Post Family represents a lot of things. It is a haven for new talent, a space for creative inquiries, and a playground for your ideas. What would you say is the most important facet and mission for The Post Family?

The most important thing is that we support each other the way a real family does. If somebody wants to make something happen, we all help make it happen.

What is it that you personally bring to the collective?

Sarcasm. I really know how to piss my brothers off.

If you and all the guys from The Post Family were to start a band, what would the name be, and what genre of music would you play?

We have wanted to start a group called Points and Picas (nerd alert!) for a while now. I think we would just write jingles.

We live in a digital age. Hell, we don’t even have to waste time reading  children bedtime stories; there’s probably an app for that. As a dude of print design, letterpress, and all other sorts of “hands on” design, where do you see the direction of our field going?

I think we’ll always see both the analog and digital worlds complementing each other in different ways. When one becomes too invasive, the other will counterbalance. Much like nature. Digital keeps you relevant. Analog keeps you human.

So I hear you got to go out West and collaborate with Levi’s! How did this great opportunity arise, and what was your experience like?

So rad! Levi’s asked The Post Family to come out to San Fran for a week and letterpress posters with Craig Newmark(founder of Craigslist). He wanted us to explore concepts based around creative commons and open-source information on the Internet. At the end of the week, we had a big gallery opening with all of our new friends. We also worked on an identity for a wonderful nonprofit in Oakland while we were out there.

What was your first job ever?

I washed dishes at a bakery. I was 16. Had to pay for my car. I ate mad white-chocolate-chip-macadamia-nut cookies. I also got this messed-up skin condition from the industrial soap.

If you could date a typeface, which one would it be and why?

Knockout Flyweight. Tall. Skinny. Refined. So hot.

Which items from your childhood do you wish you could bring back?

My blanket. I had a blue and white gingham cotton blanket with an embroidered rabbit on it. It was a sad sad day when that was taken away.

It’s finally warm in Chicago!  What are you looking forward to this summer?

Grilling various meats every night! I got my first grill yesterday.

What was the last thing you bought? (be honest, ha!)

Organic hot dogs. A true contradiction.

To see more work from Alex and his Family check it out here and here!

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