Peep Show: Homeless Cop - Design Bureau

Peep Show: Homeless Cop

Homeless Cop’s Items: (clockwise)

1. Jason F. in third grade, before the weight of the world crushed my spirit; 2. DecoColor acrylic paint pens, the weapon of choice; 3. My iPhone; 4. My business card for; 5. Signed photo from Tim & Eric (Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!); 6. Gold chain for when I want to look like a rapper; 7. A small painting I did. It’s a computer; 8. Drumsticks. I play drums; 9. Pillsbury Doughboy from 1960; 10. Brass knuckles, so I don’t become a victim of crime, etc; 11. Light saber, Adidas/Star Wars; 12. Flip cam; 13. Ticket stub from Conan. Got to meet Conan, good guy; 14. My dad in fifth grade; 15. Baseball; 16. Hotdog paint-pen carrying case; 17. Gun; 18. Old-time ceramic figure. I had to rescue this guy; 19. International private investigator badge; 20. Nirvana…still the best. R.I.P. Kurt!

Peep Show: Homeless Cop

Peep Show: Homeless Cop

Ken Webster says:

The artwork of Homeless Cop will one day be a legendary phenomenon that represents the era we currently live in. Buying his pieces today will serve as a great investment in the future and an excellent way to decorate your work or living space.

Also, It looks dope.

Peep Show: Homeless Cop

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

by Elizabeth Gilmore

And we're back. Yep, the only place on the Internet where you can learn intimate details about people that you probably didn't think you wanted to know, but now you know you can't stop reading...right? This week our guest is illustrator Homeless Cop. No, not an actual cop that is homeless. From Adult Swim animations to 12-foot-tall wall murals, this artist sees his unique world in bright primary colors and bold black lines. Trippy, huh?

So we all wanna know, where does the name "Homeless Cop" come from?

A long time ago, I played in a band that had 99 songs on the album. We were just throwing words together for song titles, and "Homeless Cop" just stuck, I thought, I'm gonna use that as my art name someday...It has absolutely nothing to do with being a homeless person or a police man.

Your paintings and murals look so crisp and sharp, yet you don't use the computer whatsoever in any part of that process? Why not?

I think computers are cool, but I just didn't grow up using them or trying to understand them. I only know how to use my hands to make art. I've been drawing and creating stuff all my life with these hands. I think hands are cooler than computers.

You use paint markers to create all of your artwork. Do you ever get high from all the marker fumes?

Usually the music is up too loud in my headphones to even notice.

If we were to walk in on you in your apartment, unannounced, what would we most likely find you doing?

Acting like Larry David. Or sleeping.

You have some bad-ass and imaginative imagery in your paintings. Where do these creations of computer-head elephants and one-eyed businessmen come from? I bet your dreams are whack!

Where does Slash get the notes for his guitar solos? I'm inspired by Jean-Michel BasquiatPicasso, TV, money, beautiful women, etc. My dreams are totally awesome, and when they invent machines to Tivo dreams, I'm going to be the next Coen brother. I dream every night, and I feel sorry for people that don't.

What are the three most played songs in your music library? (Don't lie!)

Nirvana's "On a Plain," Robert Johnson's "Love in Vain," and Souls of Mischief's "93 till Infinity"

Check out more of Homless Cop's crazy imagery here.

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