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Nando's Ashford, Photo: Ben Webb


Peri Peri Cool

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Nando's chain of Portuguese-style chicken (Peri Peri style), founded in South Africa, has yet to set up in downtown Chicago and I don't know that it has plans to—though they've trickled in to Washington state and Maryland. But after seeing this Nandos in Ashford, Kent, England, I hope that it brings some of this style to town when it does. Blacksheep designed the 192-cover resto in a former nightclub from scratch. It gave it an eye-catching façade of diagonal strips of oak, built platforms to create intimacy in a space with 10m high ceilings, and created a centerpiece in a bespoke artwork in the style of Southern African Ndebele tribe. The sum total is both modern and comfortable, exotic and warm—the turquoise rides the fine line of retro nicely. The South African heritage meets New York loft vibe is surely original. As for the Portuguese chicken, I hope it lives up to the surroundings.

Photos: Ben Webb

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