Phorce smart bag

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Introducing “The World’s First Smart Bag”

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

By Joel Hoglund

We've come to accept the fact that our smartphones and laptops can sometimes seem smarter than us, but we generally don't feel too threatened by the intelligence level of the bags that we carry them in. Until now. The new Phorce bag can charge all of your your devices (maybe not that old Walkman you're hanging onto) with three USB connections, two high-speed ports, and one super high-speed port. It can power a MacBook for up to seven extra hours. It can communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth. An app gauges the bag's remaining power and tells you what you can do with it. It can send you a notification if it gets lost. It can send Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to destroy the fait of humanity. OK, maybe not that last bit, but it can change from a messenger bag to a backpack to a briefcase and slide over the handles of your suitcase when you're at the airport. Sweet. Phorce is raising money through Kickstarter to get the bag out into the world—where, y'know, it will eventually grow to be self-aware and take over the planet.

At least it looks good. 

Phorce for Mac is priced at $299 on Kickstarter, and retails for $449, while Phorce for USB is priced at $219 on Kickstarter, and retails for $299.


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