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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Created by London-based A Studio for Design, Postcarden is a mail friendly, miniature watercress garden. Offered in three separate illustrations and architectural designs — allotment, botanical and city — these leafy greetings create the perfect hybrid of old and new with a vintage feel and modern structure.

The self-contained card arrives to your door with a pop-up illustration, a foldout planter and watercress seeds for your very own garden. “I wanted to produce a product that was well designed, affordable and collaborated with other artists,” says Aimée Furnival, of A Studio for Design. “Something that people of all ages and backgrounds could relate to and buy, and not just those in the world of design.”

Furnival contacted three artists to create the front cover of the cards: illustrator Sophie Burdess, filmmaker Millie Harvey, and graphic designer Krista Nyberg. “My main inspiration was, of course, old postcards,” says Swedish-born designer Nyberg. “The kind you don’t see very often, with photos of high-rise buildings and such. There is a texture in the print that brings on a certain feeling of nostalgia.”

Designed to lengthen the delight of a standard greeting card, Postcarden encourages the receiver to “bond, live, and grow the greeting on a day-by-day basis,” with the intention that over time the card will react to the environment and the receiver, evolving in its beauty and charm. The card itself resembles a Victorian greenhouse, inspired by Furnival’s summer trip to Royal Kew Gardens, just outside of London. The cascading archways and oblong window cut-outs set the stage for the cress to grow, which according to the directions, usually happens within three to five days.

Postcarden, £7.50 plus shipping,

Liza Rush is a recent graduate of DePaul University, a regular contributor for Design Bureau’s sister publication, ALARM, and a Chicago-based freelance writer and designer. Her work can be found at

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