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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Run by recent Ball State graduates Adam Buente and Kyle PerryPROJECTiONE (pronounced Project One) is a design/fabrication studio located in Indiana. PROJECTiONE began as a collaborative architectural thesis with two other members, Elizabeth Boone and Eric Brockmeyer, examining digital tools with analog methods. Eventually, after a number of client-based projects and exhibitions, the thesis work evolved into a full-scale design/manufacturing firm. 

We were struck by two projects in particular: EXOtique and Radiance. Both are custom-made lighting installations that showcase the PROJECTiONE's ability to conceptualize, design, and produce ambitious ideas. EXOtique is a a "drop-ceiling" installation at Ball State’s College of Architecture that was built with in a mere five days with just $500 worth of materials. The luminous, undulating fixture is composed of white acrylic, white polystyrene, and 55 cord sockets and bulbs. Its hexagonal panels interlock at varying angles, producing the textured, rippling surface that creates a sense of dynamism and depth, even though it essentially lowers the ceiling. 

Radiance is an ambient lighting piece that covers a standalone brick fireplace in a mid-century ranch home in Broad Ripple, IN. Inspired by shelf mushrooms found on trees, Buente and Perry designed a system of pods — plastic components with an LED placed directly behind each. The 512 pods utilize passive infrared sensors to illuminate when motion is detected,  meaning the entire hearth lights up if someone walks all the way around it. According to the designers, "There are two pulses that occur after triggering a pod’s sensor. A primary ‘pulse,' that fades to full intensity and quickly fades off, followed by a secondary ‘pulse’ which fades on quickly but dims slowly over nearly a minute." The result is something a bit like the lighting effects of fire, as Radiance's surface is constantly changing in intensity and shape.

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