Shanghai designer Sabine Ducasse

Psychedelic Couture

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

By Sarah Murray; Photos by Matthias Hossann

Remember those Perler beads you played with as a kid? You know, where you put the little plastic beads on a peg board and ironed them so they made designs, then got frustrated when the wax paper got stuck and they didn't end up looking like anything?

Did you ever think that you could use those to make high fashion? Sabine Ducasse did. 

Her summer collection "Melting Pot" incorporates vivid colors, psychedelic prints, and bold silhouettes, making for a confident combination to say the least. Using funky textures and kaleidoscopic colors, Shanghai-based designer Ducasse makes some audacious statement pieces. The result is striking sculpture clothing, multi-colored armors, and fun accessories.

If we could have pulled this off with our little set of beads as kids, we wouldn't have thrown the kit away after a day.

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