Psychiko House Greece

Psychiko House

Friday, October 19th, 2012

 By Justin Ray
Photos by Erieta Attali 

Well designed multipurpose spaces always catch our eye—when those purposes include throwing fantastic parties and showing off enivable art and car collections? Let's just say our daydreams will be sated for a while.

The Psychiko House, which resides in a low density suburb of Greece, functions as a car museum, an art gallery, a luxury lounge and even, yes, a home. Divercity Architects designed the house to encompass several types of spaces in one so that a person lucky enough to live there can entertain guests while having a separated living quarters. 

Psychiko House contains three distinct levels: a stone core inspired by defense rock of the Acropolis, a relaxing patio area, and an upper private space. The basement houses restored classic automobiles as well as a marble garage decorated with art by Jeff Koons, Paul McCarthy and Vanessa Beecroft. The ground floor has a more laid-back aesthetic with expanse patio, a pool and views of the city. Homeowners stay in the private area on the second level, absconded from view with screens and curtains. The interior of the intimate space features earth tones with hardwood floors and contemporary furnishings—a mellow getaway in case the party guests get unruly.

The house is split into three sections with different intentions, yet there is continuity in the design details. Glazed partitions, skylights, and slatted blinds allow ample natural light inside of the structure. All areas are connected via a notional ribbon running throughout the building. As for the name, Psychiko isn't psycho dangerous, but we're definitely crazy for it.

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