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Chest of drawers for Droog by Tejo Remy
Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Rag chair for Droog by Tejo Remy
Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Q&A with a Curator

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Can you tell us a bit about the upcoming show?

The exhibition includes an extraordinary range of furniture, ceramics, metalwork, glass, and products from 118 designers, and is the first encompassing, critical assessment of this fruitful design period. Objects have been divided into two major categories: designs that adhere to Postmodernist ideas, which flourished in the early 1980s, and designs that returned to the Modernist principles of form follows function. These two categories outline an ongoing dispute among designers on what is the most important aspect in design: the function or the artistic concept.

What is your favorite piece in Shaping the New Century?

I’m excited to have a few superstar objects visiting our museum — like Maarten Baas’ Hey Chair be a Bookshelf! and a grouping of Marc Newson chairs. Tord Boontje produces rare treasures, but also affordable objects that we’ll have for sale in the museum shop. I am going to be sure to grab my own version of his Garland light fixture. That’s the advantage of working with design — that even as a non-profit employee of meager means, I can still live with the art I love at the museum!

Since Shaping the New Century has already been ‘curated’ by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, what is your role in getting the exhibition together?

The content and thesis was the work of R. Craig Miller of the IMA, so my primary role for this exhibit is to work with all facets of our museum — designers, marketing, art installers, retailers, and educators — to ensure that our presentation of the exhibition clearly delivers the original curator’s message.

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