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Raquel Olivo | My View

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

By John Dugan
Photos by Raquel Olivo

We're retiring the My View column (ONE PHOTOGRAPHER, FIVE PHOTOS. ONE CITY) this month and introducing something new, so today's My View with Los Angeles, California photographer Raquel Olivo (pictured in the slide show's last image) is the last we'll post. 

Today, she often works with many high-profile celebrities, but photographer Raquel Olivo took the long road to shooting stars like Kanye and Lady Gaga. Raised in Chicago, she studied photography in Florida and shot stills on Hollywood movie sets before launching her solo career as a fashion photographer. 

Today, she gets her inspiration from L.A.’s creative climate. “Anytime of year, I can go out to the desert and shoot an amazing story,” she says. Next on her inspirational location list: Cuba and Brazil. “I love going to rural cities and capturing the heart and souls and telling a story through my photographs,” she says.


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