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Ray of Might

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

By John Dugan 

Carbon fiber is strong, light and not that hard to mold evidently, yet we don't see that much carbon fiber furniture. Italy's MAST 3.0 aims to help make up for that with a line of indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting made from the fibrous arrangement of carbon atoms—not to be confused with its crystalline cousin graphite. The MAST 3.0 Manta arm chair is easily our fave, organically inspired by the fearsome and beautiful manta ray. It takes 24 hours to handmake each chair, and the carbon fiber process used is similar to that of Ferraris, Aermacchi  planes and Agusta helicopters. You can see the Manta up close at HD Expo, May 15–17 in Las Vegas at the Italian Contract booths—but be careful, you might just want to take this Manta home and keep it.

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