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Saturday, June 28th, 2014

By Sarah Murray
Images courtesy of the companies featured

Like any storefront occasionally needs a new coat of paint, every business can use an identity overhaul now and then. Here are a few of our favorite refreshes from around the world.


DESIGN: Red Antler

THEN: Angular, blocky, rigid: the basic brand formula for every tech-based company in the ’90s.

NOW: Amazing what a small typography shift can do. While still retaining the brand recognition of the original design, the image of Vevo—the Internet’s primary source for official music videos—has been brought into the future. The oblique, rounded letterforms allow for some visually interesting promotional material. The new look also gives credence to its slogan, “music to your eyes,” and embraces its wide variety of music fans.


DESIGN: Landor Associates

THEN: Overcomplicated and slightly confusing, it looked like the logo of a country club.

NOW: Global brand-consulting juggernaut Landor Associates makes Melbourne look like the place to be. The colorful, fun-filled overhaul of the Australian city’s graphic identity touches everything from street banners to parking tickets, and because the design is grid-based, it can be manipulated in an infinite number of ways to suit every need that the city might have for it. The modern angles and bold colors are more indicative of a thriving urban metropolis.


DESIGN: Experimental Jetset

THEN: Static and blocky letterforms showed no interactivity.

NOW: This super-responsive design embraces the inventive spirit of the museum. The thin black lines of the W contort to interact with the words and frame the artworks displayed around it—a dynamic design feature that can amp up anything from signage to promotional videos. The inspiration behind it? The zig-zag plays as a metaphor for a non-simplistic history of art, according to the designers, and also can represent a pulse—the Whitney breathing in and out. The new look arrives in time for the Whitney’s new life at its new Renzo Piano-designed location in 2015.

Honorable Mention: ATELIER FOOD


Art director and designer Petter Johansson brings a simple yet bold concept to this Swedish restaurant and “food lab.” But the most intriguing thing about this branding is the farm-fresh “food city” that Johansson created to stand as a striking visual identity. One part Lego city and one part chef’s dream town, the stacks of food mixed with colored blocks are fantastic in terms of both design and deliciousness.

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