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Recycle Your Phone

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

This is exactly what we love to see: design solving problems and improving the world in real, tangible ways. As part of one of Motorola's sponsored studio projects, Michigan-based product/industrial designer Herald Ureña came up with an ingenious solution to cellphone disposal. 

Ureña's packaging contains a flexible solar-cell charger that ensures the phone is ready to use from the get-go. In a material-saving move, the charger also performs the all-important job of holding the phone in place during transit. All you have to do once you get home is store the package away until your phone's life has run its course. Then, simply turn the packaging inside out, use it as prepaid mailer, and ship it off to the nearest recycling center. 

As companies continue to force obsoleteness upon the masses with newer/better/faster/cooler gadgets, it is increasingly important to manage our technological waste. Though just a concept for now, the top brass at Motorola was reportedly very impressed by what they saw. We're hoping it makes it through the development stages and actually hits the market sometime soon.

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