Redesign: A Class Act - Design Bureau

Before: Hamilton & Associates' dated logo. All photos courtesy of Föda.

After: Hamilton & Associates' sleek new identity

Redesign: A Class Act

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Creative Team: Föda Studio (Austin, Texas)

Reason for redesign: Hamilton & Associates introduced an architectural division in 2010 and needed to differentiate its new services from its original engineering-and-technical-services arm.

Decision process:  Föda created a unified system for the company, complete with distinct “child brand” elements. The parent brand needed to somehow convey the concepts of architecture and engineering at the same time.

Before: Even though lowercase sans serifs are all the rage right now, the kerning on this bad boy left a lot to be desired. Coupled with some head-scratching color choices and awkward positioning, and you’ve got a corporate disaster.

After: The Helvetica-based wordmark survived the rebranding and emerged more refined. The conduits and raceways of the logo are an allusion to electrical engineering diagrams, and the folded “A” recalls spatial forms. The new red/orange color was created by combining H&A’s former color schemes.

For information on Föda's work, please visit Föda Studio. Information on Hamilton & Associates Technical Services and Architecture divisions can be found here and  here, respectively.