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After redesign

Earlier iterations of Town Talk packaging design

Redesign: Town Talk Polish

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Creative Team: Andrew Smyth of Town Talk Polish and Ian Logan of LRW Design

Reason for Redesign: The century-old company, specializing in high-end polishes and cleaners, wanted to emphasize the “English look” of their original packaging. According to Smyth, the goal was to “bring Mr. Town Talk, the ‘polished gentleman’ to life.” Exuding an air of charm was key.

Decision Process: Along with further developing the butler illustration featured on the products (a design that was first created in 1910), polishing tips are now included on every package.


Mr. Town Talk was a part of the logo rather than the entire brand image. Heavy tin and glass containers masked the liquids and carried text-heavy labels. While the labels are straightforward, the company values of tradition, service, and quality were lost on the nondescript look of the packaging.


By increasing Mr. Town Talk on the packaging and using his likeness more freely, the look becomes more personable. Color-coded plastic packaging and elegant typography differentiate between the products’ wide range of uses while giving them a more polished finish. 

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