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Reimagining the Bachelor Pad

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Featured Company: Beth Whitlinger Interior Design - Location: Trabuco Canyon, California - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Photos by Martin King Photography,

By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

Though the idea of a “bachelor pad” conjures images of zebra-print rugs and remote-control shades, interior designer Beth Whitlinger had to toss those stereotypes aside for this Trabuco Canyon remodel. A game designer hired her to turn his home, which was purchased from a retired couple (and, as Whitlinger says, was staid and even “cookie-cutter”), into a welcoming, modern space with definably masculine touches.

Whereas the home originally was characterized by peach and beige tones that Whitlinger found to be dated, now rich swathes of burgundy, black, charcoal, and metallic gray play off each other in complementary patterns across every conceivable surface. The walls, furniture, accessories, and spatial arrangements that Whitlinger assembled all foster a sense of youthful professionalism—a balance between comforts and concentration. Discreet track lighting highlights the steep angles of cathedral ceilings, rugs soften medium-gray tiled wood floors, and plush furn from Bromley and Safavieh emphasizes comfortable lounging—either for solo use or with company.

Meanwhile, bay windows feature stunning views of the canyon’s hills. Whitlinger also draws attention to the sleek metal fireplace, the rough stone sinks in the remodeled master bath, and the way that the rugs “incorporate all the main elements of the project: the colors, the shapes, the variety in density and spatial organization.” Last but not least, what would a bachelor pad be without a Toto self-closing toilet? “The client loves all the features,” Whitlinger says, “but that’s his favorite.”

Cut a Rug

The collaboration between designer Beth Whitlinger and rug manufacturer Delos blossomed about two years ago when Delos began to focus on made-to-order and custom rugs rather than inventoried products. Leah Phillips, who co-owns Delos with husband Ivan, says Whitlinger mainly utilizes the company’s imported tufted and Tibetan hand-knotted constructions for her projects. For this particular residence, Whitlinger re-colored two patterns from the Delos library, which possessed a certain appearance of depth thanks to the yarn-system variance and use of carving that their hand-tufted rugs provide. “We love seeing our rugs in finished projects such as this,” Ivan says, “where the rugs look born there.”

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