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Brush and Rinse

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

By Sarah Murray

You know those mornings when you're just so sleepy after an all-nighter that you hit your head on the faucet while trying to brush your teeth? Or maybe that's just me... In any case, who really likes to put their head in the sink, clutter their bathroom with one more glass to wash, or spend money on disposable cups? That's definitely not just me.

So for all of us who think that the toothbrush is a device that could use some improvement, Amron Experimental gives us the Rinser Brush. The seemingly ordinary toothbrush turns into a tiny fountain with the push of a button. Simply aim the stream of water and rinse without issue or wet hair. The brush has a little funnel under the head which water goes into, then comes out of a little spout in the top of the handle when the button is pressed. Interchangeable brush heads allow you to stay hygienic (and green!) by making it easy to change your bristles every three months without having to buy a whole new brush.

Certain people could argue that all this could be avoided by brushing one's teeth in the shower, but certain people have not seen the Rinser Toothbrush in action yet. 

Available for pre-order for November delivery, $22

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